Board of Patrons

Board of Patrons

<a href=""> H.E. Dr Hanan Ashrawi</a>

H.E. Dr Hanan Ashrawi

<a href="">H.E. Dr Georges Corm</a>

H.E. Dr Georges Corm

<a href="">Prof.&nbspSir Christopher Greenwood</a>

Prof. Sir Christopher Greenwood

<a href="">The RT. HON. Lord (Raymond) Hylton</a>

The RT. HON. Lord (Raymond) Hylton

<a href="">The RT. HON. Baroness (Helena) Kennedy</a>

The RT. HON. Baroness (Helena) Kennedy

<a href="">Ambassador Stuart Laing</a>

Ambassador Stuart Laing

<a href="">H.E. Mr Taher Masri</a>

H.E. Mr Taher Masri

<a href="">The Rt. Hon. Baroness (Sally) Morgan</a>

The Rt. Hon. Baroness (Sally) Morgan

<a href="">H.E. President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca</a>

H.E. President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca

<a href="">H.E. Ms Clare Short</a>

H.E. Ms Clare Short

<a href="">The RT. HON. Lord (Chris) Smith</a>

The RT. HON. Lord (Chris) Smith

<a href="">The RT. HON. The Lord (David) Steel of Aikwood KT KBE DL</a>

The RT. HON. The Lord (David) Steel of Aikwood KT KBE DL

<a href="">Sir Roger Tomkys</a>

Sir Roger Tomkys

<a href="">The RT. HON. Baroness (Sayeeda) Warsi</a>

The RT. HON. Baroness (Sayeeda) Warsi

<a href="">The RT. REV. & RT. HON. Lord (Rowan) Williams</a>

The RT. REV. & RT. HON. Lord (Rowan) Williams

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