Senior Board of Practitioners

Senior Board of Practitioners

<a href="">Mrs Tamam Akhal</a>

Mrs Tamam Akhal

<a href="">Dr Mamdouh al-Aker</a>

Dr Mamdouh al-Aker

<a href="">Professor Desiree Cox</a>

Professor Desiree Cox

<a href="">Dr Rita Giacaman</a>

Dr Rita Giacaman

<a href="">Mrs Widad Kawar</a>

Mrs Widad Kawar

<a href="">Dr Paul Mognahan</a>

Dr Paul Mognahan

<a href="">Dr Vicky Russell</a>

Dr Vicky Russell

<a href="">Mr Mohammad Salmawi</a>

Mr Mohammad Salmawi

<a href="">Professor Harry Shannon</a>

Professor Harry Shannon

<a href="">Mr Nasser Soumi</a>

Mr Nasser Soumi

<a href="">Raji Sourani</a>

Raji Sourani

<a href="" class="broken_link">Prof Nicholas Chrimes</a>

Prof Nicholas Chrimes

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